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Experience the Transformation Work of the Holy Spirit in Your Everyday Life

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Learn How to Walk in the Miracle Ministry of the Holy Spirit!

(even if you’re not in ministry)

Working The Works of God -3rd Edition

When God’s power fell in the upper room in the Book of Acts, most of those in attendance didn’t have an official ministry, yet they grabbed hold of it and walked in the ministry of miracles. God is calling out to you today, desiring that you too grab hold of that same power, no matter your role, title, job, and position, to supernaturally fulfill the calling on our lives.

A woman blind from birth is instantly healed before an angry crowd who was ready to stone Andrew. Witnessing this miracle instead caused this same crowd to fall on their knees and repent.

A woman riddled with AIDS lies on her deathbed as she becomes instantly healed, causing the doctors, nurses, and patients in the hospital to turn their lives over to God.

And these are only two testimonies told in Working the Works of God. In this groundbreaking book, Author Andrew Nkoyoyo answers the age-long question “What must we do that we might work the works of God?” With more than thirty years of fulfilling a miracle ministry around the world, he has experienced God’s supernatural power both personally and in ministry.

Within These Pages, Andrew Will Mentors You On:

✓ How to receive power to move in the supernatural of God to manifest miracles, signs, and wonders.

✓ How to take hold of the kingdom keys to unlock prosperity through God's Word in every area of your life.

✓ How to achieve success through God's Word in all you do.

✓ How to activate your faith by standing on God's Word to experience God's promises for your life.

✓ How to activate the Holy Spirit within you, prepared to use his power.

✓ The results of a heart transformed by heaven through love and obedience to God.

✓ The reliable ways to demonstrate God's power and make disciples in power for Jesus.

✓ And so much more...

God is calling you to the next level of his glory. Answer it, and get ready to be a change maker, not only in your church but in the world!

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What Leader’s Are Saying

“Dr. Nkoyoyo exposes the lies and accusations of the devil against God’s saints. He presents the biblical truth that makes us free to be the man or woman God has called us to be. It is now time for all the saints and ministers to receive their inheritance… by working the works of God.”

Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN), Author of Day of the Saints, and eight other books.​


This 53-minute training video will reveal to you the secret of power and victory. I will show you how to experience the fullness of the life of God to live in success in any area of your life.




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