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This Week's Message: The Power of The Blood of Jesus - HD

Andrew presented this message, The Power of The Blood of Jesus to a live audience of 20,000+ people at the NightVision Christian Music Festival in Olathe, Colorado. Many souls were saved, the sick were healed, and captives set free. Show your support by making a donation to our ministry below.

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About Kingdom Come TV Show

On the Kingdom Come program, we'll help you to know Christ, to experience His redemptive miracles, to activate a purposeful lifestyle of God's fullness that prepares you and others for His return.

We teach, preach, and demonstrate in the power of the Spirit the sevenfold blessings of redemption in Christ. You will  experience Jesus as your righteousness, peace, friend, guide, provider, healer, and victory. Also, we share prophetic Words and messages concerning America and the Body of Christ as the Lord gives them to us. Stay tuned!



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