Love, The Grandest Of Them All Part Two Of Three

Love, The Grandest Of Them All Part Two Of Three

This Bible Study is taken from Chapter Eight: Love, The Grandest Of Them All of "Working The Works of God" By Dr. Andrew M. Nkoyoyo

Miracle in Uganda

God once told me to go for hospital ministry in a Catholic hospital in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Right after the Sunday morning service, I drove to the hospital. The Holy Spirit led me to the AIDS terminally ill ward. As I walked through the doors, I was met by the most horrific smell. Then the Holy Spirit whispered to my spirit, “Minister to them.” The atmosphere was so dreadful that I did not want to spend much time in that particular ward. My mind was persuading me to leave as quickly as I possibly could before I contracted airborne diseases.

I would have walked in disobedience had I fulfilled the notions of my intellect and emotions. The Holy Spirit had directed me to that ward to teach me something about Him and myself. That incident would change my whole being and ministry forever.

I continued to walk inside, and there was a woman in her thirties. I had thought the scent in the ward was awful, but when I got to her bed the smell was so horrendous I could barely breathe. Instantly, the Holy Spirit chastised me, saying, “You stank in the pool of your own sins and iniquity far more than the smell in this ward. Yet, I loved you enough and reached out and saved you through the death and resurrection of my own Son.” Then He said, “If the Church will love My people, regardless of how they look or what their present situation is, you will not only be a magnificent reflection of My love to the world, but you’ll be capable of changing lives for God’s Kingdom.”

I stood beside her bed as the mother kindly narrated her daughter’s health condition to me. She had AIDS. The doctors had told her mother earlier that day to take her home, for she had merely a couple of hours to live, if not minutes. I was moved with compassion, my eyes watering with tears. I boldly spoke to her that Jesus could heal her if she only believed.

Her mother was in tears as she packed the bags to take her only daughter home to die. The young woman had no strength to move her eyes, speak, eat or move her body. She had lost all her hair, her lips were dripping blood, and she had sores all over her body. The mother could only put a light piece of cloth around her waist and upper body. Her mouth was full of blisters with blown-out tumors under her armpits. The sight was unbelievable! It seemed she could only have weighed about 20 pounds; I could see the bones in her body.

I briefly shared the message of God’s salvation and healing. I then led her to the Lord. She was too weak to talk but was in agreement. I laid my hands on her and prayed a prayer of faith for her miracle healing in Jesus’ name.

By the time I said “Amen,” the tumors under her armpits had disappeared, her lips had stopped bleeding, and the abscesses from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet had stopped bleeding and dried up! For the first time in eight months, she could speak, and had the strength to sit up as I took her hand.

In joyful amazement at the works of God, I asked her to tell me what she had felt in her body as I prayed. To everyone’s astonishment she slowly replied, “I felt like extremely hot coals of fire were poured upon me and went through me.” I affirmed for her that the fire-like sensation she had felt was the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. All of a sudden, her bed was surrounded by doctors, nurses and fellow patients as she testified of her experience with the power of God.

That very day, she left the hospital, healed by the power of God. I asked her to go for numerous blood tests, and two weeks later the result came back that she was AIDS-free and completely healed by the hand of God. Previously doctors and nurses had reported that there was no other way out except to go home and die. But with God, all things are possible!

Consequent to that one miracle is what I would call “hospital transformation.” I saw the entire AIDS ward, including the medical workers, confess their faith in Jesus Christ. That move of God resulted in the raising up of powerful hospital ministry groups that continued to minister.

This incident changed my life forever. I got a deeper revelation that far surpassed my understanding of God’s love and how selfish I was in sharing that love with His people. Love goes an extra mile, and above all, God’s kind of love is unreserved.

I have been in some parts of the world where I would not have been if I had not been transformed by the power of love that day. I can honestly say that for the past ten years since that experience, there is nothing I enjoy more than ministering to God’s people of many races and classes, in cities or villages. I had to die to self and become alive to the love of God.

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