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Working The Works of God 

How To Unleash The Supernatural Power And Miracles of Jesus And The Holy Spirit 

Presentation Overview:

The keys to living a supernatural life and fulfill a mighty miracle ministry are in the hands of every Spirit-filled believer. Andrew will reveal the Kingdom keys to the miraculous work of God that he taught in his best-selling book, “Working The Works of God,” and much more. He will take you deeper into the power keys. He will show you how to apply them in your lives daily to bring Heaven to earth. 


You will:

  • Learn the key to the spiritual authority given to you through Jesus’ Name
  • Learn the power key of the blood of Jesus to work the wonders of God
  • Learn how to unlock divine healing through holy communion
  • Learn how to unleash the power of the Spirit through your faith and words
  • Learn how to walk in power and signs
  • Learn who you are in Christ 

You will also experience:

  • A more profound revelation of God within you
  • Activation through hands-on practice as you put what you learn to work
  • Fresh fire and power through impartation as Andrew and his team minister to you

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