The Wonders of God's Glory Pt.1


The Wonders of God's Glory--Part 1

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The reason God did everything he did, sent his son, the creation of the universe, is for two things. One is for his name. And number two is for his glory. When we suffer the glory of God, we believe that God wants to fill you with his glory. And then, transform you by his glory. So that he may receive the glory that he deserves out of you as he works in you, through you, with you, before the nations.

Thank you for joining me today on the broadcast. I'm glad you are joining us here in the studio and you are watching there at home. You know, God has put so much on my heart regarding this series, The Wonders of God's Glory. You know only this year, the Holy Spirit spoke to me prophetically and said that this year is gonna be a great year of the manifestation of his glory.

So then I began to wonder. What is the glory of God? Well, we know what God says in the scripture. But you my friends, do you know what the glory is? And so the Holy Spirit has pressed on my heart this need to expose what the glory of God is to the body of Christ.

And so in the next several weeks, we are going to really go deeper. And if you haven't watched the prophetic message it's on our network -  You can go and watch it because that is where I really started with the glory of God.

Now, we are going to continue. In this segment, I want to take you back to the key scripture. And this is the desire of God's heart. Habakkuk chapter two verse 14. It says, "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea." Now, just ponder on that for a moment. God says, "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory."

It is God's desire and God's promise. God is promising us here that the glory is gonna fill the earth. And as God is saying that with this promise, there is a fulfillment. But in order for us to really access the full knowledge. And this is not only intellectual knowledge of the glory which most of us have. But it is the experiential knowledge of the glory of God. And what does that mean? That you are going to experience the glory, practically, spiritually, in every aspect of your life as pertains to the glory of God.

And that's really what God is poured out on my heart. And we're gonna labor by the help of the holy spirit to share this with you. Because it is so important that we understand, that we go deeper. Because everything begins and ends in the glory. Let that sink in.

The reason God did everything he did, send his son, the creation of the universe, is for two things. One is for his name. And number two is for his glory. And so here at Kingdom Impact Ministry, our why as a ministry is for the glory of God. But what do we mean when we say for the glory of God? Several things. Number one we mean the glory, or the honor, the praise, the adoration, the worship that God will get out of you.

And then we mean the glory of God that God will put in your life. But also, there is another glory, the greater glory, when we are all done here on earth, we get to spend eternity. I call it the glory of glory. Amen?

So here, when we say for the glory of God. We believe that God wants to fill you with his glory and then transform you by his glory. So that he may receive the glory that he deserves out of you. As he works in you, through you, with you before the nations. Amen? Because if God is going to receive the glory, He has to fill somebody with the glory. So that the creation that he imparts and transforms with his glory becomes the incarnation of his glory. The evidence of his glory. And when people look at you and I, we are the evidence of God's glory. Amen?

And I'm going to show you in this study. Then the glory of God is not only in you but is manifesting. You can say that again. Yes. It is manifesting through you. So that's why we say, for the glory of God - for the glory in you, the glory with you, and the glory through you. Amen?

So, but God's heart according to the scripture is that the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge. So God desires that we don't walk in ignorance of his glory. So we need to know what is this glory that he wants to reveal in you and through you. You see, the glory of God according to Moses in Exodus chapter 33 verse 15 and 16. When he pleads to God and God says ..."Moses, I want you to go do this mission. I want you to go fulfill my call. Take my people into the promised land."

And God begins to speak to Moses. And Moses says, "God before I can take another step, I want to know that you're going to go with us. Because if your glory doesn't go with us, don't send us from here." Why? Because it's the glory of God that makes you distinct from everybody else.

Let's read the Scripture. "Then he", Moses, said to God, "If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us?" And so God says, "So shall it be that we are separate. Your people and I, from all the peoples who are upon the face of the earth." Amen?

It says, how is it going to be that we are different? How we gonna be, that we are different as believers, as followers of Christ? What makes you and I distinct from everybody else? Put this in your spirit, is the glory of God. Amen? And I'm gonna labor by the spirit of God to share with you just the wonders of this glory. Because it's so beautiful. And God wants you and I to be filled, to overflow with his glory.

You see, beloved, when you are marinated and pickled in the glory of God, you begin to overflow with the glory, not only just the glory but what the glory will manifest and operate and release in you and through you. Amen? And so Moses says that for us to be separate, distinct from all others, we have to know the glory. So, in this next segment, we are going to talk about what is the glory.

Recently we asked a few people to tell us what they think the glory of God is...

The first young man says that it is, "Just the magnificence of God himself. I've never really had any teaching on it. And I've just...So I'm really not aware of really the total essence of it."

A second person said, "I think the glory of God is like the presence of God, and like how you see God, I guess."

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.42.04 PM.png

A third person, a you woman said, "I don't know... The burning bush, that seems to be the glory of God. And the clouds, just a mist or something that surrounds and hides him from us."

God descended. Remember? It wasn't a mist. It wasn't smoke. It wasn't. It says, "God descended. And he began to proclaim the Lord, the Lord God." Amen? He is Yahweh God. The covenant-making God is merciful and gracious.

Hello, friend. Have you been impacted by this broadcast? I know you have. And today I want to invite you to join me. So that together we can bless others with the message and the power of The Holy Spirit. You know Kingdom Impact Ministry. We exist for the glory of God. That's right. That he may receive the glory that he deserves, in us, and through us.

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