Series Overview: The Results Of A Surrendered Will

 In this 6-part DVD series brought to you by Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo, you will discover the 14 results of living a lifestyle completely surrendered to the will of God. Uncover the secret to Kingdom blessings and power for your life and ministry. Do you desire to bring your will under the control of God's will? This series provides valuable insight on:

  • What Absolute Surrender to God is
  • How to Surrender completely to God
  • Discovering the 14 results of a Surrendered Will to God, such as: It brings the baptism into His death in your life. It brings freedom from the law of sin & death. It brings the Holy Spirit and His power upon your life… AND MANY MORE!

 One great condition of maintaining a pure heart and clean hands is a Surrendered Will; a life surrendered absolutely, unreservedly and totally to God.   Will you yield? If you haven't, learn how and begin today. If you already have surrendered, go deeper by watching this series.

The Results of a Surrendered Will - P. 1

As the series begins, Andrew points out the importance of death to self and being baptized into His death. Learn how a Surrendered Will to God leads to obedience and righteousness and other much-needed results.  God is calling you to a lifestyle of absolute surrender day by day…and then the Holy Spirit begins to work in your life. Who or what are you yielding to? 

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The Results of a Surrendered Will - P. 2

In the second part of this series, Andrew continues his focus on the importance of a surrendered mind and will as a lifestyle. He expounds on Result #5; the power of Holy Spirit that is promised to you in scripture and how to walk in the depth of that power through absolute surrender and yielding to God.

The Results of a Surrendered Will - P. 3 

Join Andrew to learn about Results #6-9 of a Surrendered Will – learn how it brings:

  • The discernment of God’s Will for your life
  • The knowledge of His teaching or truth to you
  • The good of the land to you
  •  The fullness of joy in your life

The Results Of A Surrendered Will - P. 4

In this episode of Kingdom Come broadcast, learn how a Surrendered Will brings fulfillment of God’s will for our lives.  Andrew continues sharing on Results #10-12 of a Surrendered Will, including how it brings God in your position.

The Results Of A Surrendered Will - P. 5

In the fifth part of this series, Andrew teaches how a Surrendered Will brings the true experience of the communion of the Holy Spirit with you. What does this communion mean to you? Have the communion of the Holy Spirit with you and you will have the reality of His person, power, resources and works at your disposal.

The Results Of A Surrendered Will - P. 6

Andrew concludes the series with Result #14- How a Surrendered Will brings power in prevailing prayer. Do you desire to persist and prevail both with God and with man? Learn how to surrender your will, heart, body and mind to God and know the power of prevailing prayer.