Learn How To Receive and To Operate In The Anointing For Miracles, Healing, Victory, Breakthrough, and Blessings

School of The Anointing (SOTA) is an advanced spiritual growth online training program for receiving and operating in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The goal of this program is to help you to master the secret to the success that Jesus and the apostles enjoyed in their lives and ministries so that you too can experience the same kind of results in your life as well.

Their success was due to this one thing being a reality in and upon their lives.


And it is the same for you and me today if we are to achieve the same kind of success and results as they did.

Do you desire spiritual success that overflows your whole being and results in faith, power, healing, prosperity, blessings, peace, joy and happiness in every area of your life?

The solution is to be full of the anointing of the Holy Spirit so that you can reach your next level of purpose, success, victory, and influence in life and ministry. 

This program is about helping you to cultivate a lifestyle of God's fullness to achieve your full potential in the anointing, in who you are, and in all you do. It's about ridding your life of powerlessness, fear, doubt, unbelief so you can hear God's voice, exercise your God-given authority, and power and dominion over the works of the devil.

Additionally, you must be anointed with God's power to overcome sin and the hindrances to the anointing in your life so you can live a more successful, victorious, healthy and prosperous life through the mighty working of the Holy Spirit.

My promise to you is this:

I will reveal to you the secrets of receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit and His power in your life and show you how to operate in it, so that you too can achieve the same results that Jesus and the apostles experienced in their lives and ministries.

I am living proof of this anointing, for the past 28 years, I have been fulfilling a mighty miracle ministry in over 20 countries. I have witnessed the results of the anointing in my own life and the lives of tens of thousands of individuals.

I have seen all kinds of miraculous signs and wonders such as healing of blind eyes, deaf ears, HIV AIDS and delivered those who were bound by Satan. I have appeared on Sid Roth's TV show, “It's Supernatural,” and am also the author of the best-seller, "Working The Works of God", a book expounding on the keys to supernatural ministry.

I have shared platforms with speakers and Christian recording artists such the Newsboys, For King and Country, Nick Vujicic, Jaci Velasquez, Sidewalk Prophets, The Afters, Kutless, Uncle Reese and more.

And now I am training YOU!

You, too, can be successful in your Christian life, live a life of miracles, have victory over the works of the devil and experience the blessings of redemption that God desires for you through His anointing!

When you register for School of The Anointing Training Program, you receive the same training and tools I have applied to my life and ministry and have taught at Bible colleges, universities and conferences. My students are everyday people searching for success in their Christian life to Bible college students to full-time ministers.

As part of this program, you receive:

6-weeks of advanced online training: You'll learn how to use Kingdom keys in developing your purposeful lifestyle to receive, operate and maintain the anointing in your life. You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it for LIFE. Each week's training is 1-2 hours of video and includes action steps, lesson slides, downloadable audio mp3 and access to a private online training community. ($495 Value)

Week 1: Understanding The Anointing

  • What is the anointing
  • The purpose of the anointing upon your life
  • Discovering the levels of the anointing

Week 2: Discovering The Source of The Anointing

  •  What is the source of the anointing
  • How to experience the glory of God
  • The results of God's glory in you, for you and through you
  • How to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • How to hear God's voice

Week 3: Experiencing The Anointing In Your Life

  • How to be anointed with the power of God
  • How the anointing manifests in individual believers
  • How to discover God's purpose for you
  • 12 Ways to experiencing the anointing in your life

Week 4: How To Operate In The Anointing And Manifest Miraculous Results

  • 5 Biblical methods of unleashing miracles, signs, and wonders
  • Healing the sick
  • How to cast out demons and set the captives free
  • How to minister healing and deliverance to yourself

Week 5: Increasing The Anointing In Your Life

  • 8 Keys to increasing the anointing upon your life
  • 3 Secrets to keeping the anointing
  • How to receive a double portion of the Kingly anointing

Week 6: Overcoming Hindrances To The Anointing In your Life

  • How to overcome grieving the Holy Spirit
  • How to overcome resisting and quenching the Holy Spirit
  • How to overcome sin through sanctification
  • How to overcome fear in your life
  • 6 Steps to overcome doubt and unbelief 


Bonus #1: Downloadable audio MP3 files  (Value $500)

Bonus #2: Transcript and action guides of every lesson (Value 1,000)

Bonus #3: Certificate of completion (Value $100)

Bonus #4: Free course updates (Value $1,000)

Bonus #5: Private online training community (Priceless 

You get ALL this for free as part of the SCHOOL OF THE ANOINTING!

That's $2600 worth of bonuses alone!

Sign up today and you receive over $2600 of bonuses list on this page for free as part of the SCHOOL OF THE ANOINTING! 


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