Pursuing  A Pure Heart--Video Series

In this 9 part DVD series you will discover God’s conditions for entering His dwelling place and how you can access the blessings of His Glorious presence in your life, as you learn: 

  • What a Pure Heart is
  • The significance of a Pure Heart
  • Praying for a Pure Heart
  • Maintaining a Pure Heart

With clean hands and a pure heart, you will not only enter boldly into God’s Holy place, but will experience the blessings of His Kingdom as it comes upon you as He manifests His divine will in and through your life like never before.

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 1/9

As the series begins, Andrew emphasizes more on the title of this episode states, "More Than Ever, You Need A Pure Heart". 

In Psalms 24:3-5, the Psalmist wonders: “Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.”

Learn what God has to say about purity and holiness. Find out what is considered a clean heart and what is not. What is God asking of you?



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Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 2/9

In the second part of the series, join Andrew as he guides us on this urgently needed spiritual journey and shares with us this timely message about the importance of “The Significance of a Pure Heart, Part 1”.

Find out why you need a clean heart, even if you are born again, and why it matters to God. What have you given your heart to? What are you doing to guard your heart? Explore the answers to these questions and more in this episode.


Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 3/9

Join Andrew as he continues his discussion on the “Significance of a Pure Heart”, and why it is worth pursuing. Two primary reasons being, to:

  • Increase your effectiveness and usefulness in the Kingdom
  • Claim greater power in your prayer life

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 4/9

In this broadcast Andrew wraps up his examination of the “Significance of a Pure Heart” and why that is so important to our fruitfulness. Discover how to see God in relation to real happiness. Tune in for the results of a Pure Heart. 

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 5/9

A continuation of the "Significance of a Pure Heart".

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 6/9

Follow along as Andrew examines the topic and the steps of "How to Obtain a Pure Heart". Tune in to hear what Andrew’s response to God’s request to “Marry Me” was. Discover the difference between attaining and obtaining a Pure Heart. Explore the role that faith plays in Obtaining a Pure Heart.

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 7/9

In this segment Andrew starts a three-part "mini-series-within-a-series" on the importance of "Maintaining A Pure Heart" Part 1.

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 8/9

Andrew continues teaching on the importance of "Maintaining a Pure Heart, Part 2" of the series on Pursuing a Pure Heart. Learn how to cultivate a pure heart and holy lifestyle that can be sustained as you daily walk in the world.

Pursuing A Pure Heart - Part 9/9

The conclusion of the mini-series on the importance of "Maintaining A Pure Heart" Part 3 and the end of the Pursuing a Pure Heart broadcast series.