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Do you want to learn how to receive and experience God's fullness, miracles, healing, breakthrough, victory, and blessings in every area of your life?

Do you yearn to walk in the full power or anointing of the Holy Spirit?

Do you long to see signs, wonders, and miracles become standard in your lifetime?

Hi, I’m Andrew Nkoyoyo, Host of Kingdom Come broadcast, author of Working the Works of God, founder of Kingdom Impact Ministry and the School of the Anointing.

I help Christians both lay people and ministers learn how to receive the fullness of God and His power, and train them on how to walk in it to release miracles, healing, breakthrough, victory, and blessings in every area of their lives and ministries.

Religion teaches you pain, fear, doubt but Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance. If you answered, “YES” to any one of these questions, then I have the solution for you in the SCHOOL OF THE ANOINTING ONLINE COURSE PROGRAM!

If you dream about doing the things Jesus and the apostles did, and even more so, the “greater things” Jesus promised you would do.

Subscribe to School of The Anointing program, you will get instant access to the training on a computer or any mobile device 24/7, and I will begin to mentor you on:

  • How to receive and walk in God's power so you can experience God's miracles, healing, victory, breakthrough, and blessings in your life.
  • How to discover God's purpose for your life.
  • How to cultivate a lifestyle of God's fullness so you can achieve your full potential in what you are in Christ in all you do.
  • How to rid your life of powerlessness, fear, doubt, and unbelief so you can have miraculous results in your life.
  • How to hear God's voice, exercise your God-given authority, power, and dominion over the works of the devil in your life and others.
  • And so much more.

Spending 28 years of walking in the power of God. I have:

  • Authored a book, “WORKING THE WORKS OF GOD.”
  • Been in miracle-working crusades in over 20 countries- I have seen God make the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, the mute to talk, cure AIDs and many miraculous signs and wonders.
  • Been a guest on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth.
  • I have shared platforms with speakers and Christian recording artists such the Newsboys, For King and Country, Nick Vujicic, Jaci Velasquez, Sidewalk Prophets, The Afters, Kutless, Uncle Reese and more.


I will mentor you so that you too can walk in the destiny God spoke over you from the beginning of time….

Do you want to reach your God planned destiny? I will show you how….

When you subscribe today, you get instant access to the course and future updates and bonuses.

As part of the School of The Anointing Online Course program, you receive:  Instant and unlimited access to your member's area. You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it as long as you continue to subscribe. The complete course has 32 training lessons, over 40 hours of video and includes lesson transcriptions and action steps, lesson slides, downloadable audio mp3 and access to a private online training community. ($897 Value)

Module #1: Understanding The Anointing

  • What is the anointing
  • The purpose of the anointing upon your life
  • Discovering the levels of the anointing

Module #2: Discovering The Source of The Anointing

  •  What is the source of the anointing
  • How to experience the glory of God
  • The results of God's glory in you, for you and through you
  • How to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • How to hear God's voice
  • How to experience the fullness of God in your life - the secret of victory.

Module #3: Experiencing The Anointing In Your Life

  • How to be anointed with the power of God
  • How the anointing manifests in individual believers
  • How to discover God's purpose for you
  • 12 Ways to experiencing the anointing in your life

Module #4: How To Operate In The Anointing And Manifest Miraculous Results

  • 5 Biblical methods to unleashing miracles, signs and wonders
  • Healing the sick
  • How to cast out demons and set the captives free
  • How to minister healing and deliverance to yourself

Module #5: Increasing The Anointing In Your Life

  • 8 Keys to increasing the anointing upon your life
  • 3 Secrets to keeping the anointing
  • How to receive a double portion of the Kingly anointing

Module #6: Overcoming Hindrances To The Anointing In your Life

  • How to overcome grieving the Holy Spirit
  • How to overcome resisting and quenching the Holy Spirit
  • How to overcome sin through sanctification
  • How to overcome fear in your life
  • 6 Steps to overcome doubt and unbelief 


Bonus #1: 24/7 access to member's area (Value $1000)

Bonus #2: Downloadable audio MP3 files (Value $1000)

Bonus #3: Transcript and action guides of every lesson (Value 1,000)

Bonus #4: Free course updates (Value $1,000)

Bonus #5: Training slides (Value $400)

Bonus #6: Certificate of completion (Value $100)

Bonus #7: Private online training community (Priceless

You get ALL this for free as part of the SCHOOL OF THE ANOINTING!
That's $4500 worth of bonuses alone!

Certificate of Completion

When you complete School of The Anointing Online course, you will receive a personalized certificate of completion signed by the founder and instructor Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo. Each certificate is 8.5” x 11” and is printed on high-quality stock ready to be displayed in your home or place of work.

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“I came into the school, literally knowing nothing about the anointing. Andrew's teachings are thorough, profound and packed with scripture to validate all his instructions.  I love the prayers included with each action step of the teachings.  I have been a prayer warrior for many years. I did not know how to pray such things before, and these are powerful prayers. I pray them every day. I praise the Lord for these teachings.”
Darlene Dimitrovski, Ohio, United States


“I was born with one foot shorter than the other. I needed extra support in my shoe to walk without pain. But after attending the  encounter God’s Power and Andrew releasing the miracle power of God on the audience in a prayer for healing… I woke up the next morning and found that my foot had grown new tendon, cartilage and muscles I didn’t have before. And now I can stand on both feet and I don’t need the extra pudding and support in his foot....”

Paul Hughes, Colorado, United States
“I was miraculously healed at the at Encounter God’s Power event with Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo and team. The power of God was like lightning as it touched my life...  As a result God instantly healed me from damaged vocal chords and delivered from 10 years of hip pain and 43 years of excruciating migraine headaches caused by a car accident. Wow!!”

Cyndi Putney-Duran, Colorado, United States


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