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Order Working The Works of God - The Keys To Supernatural Ministry Are In Your Hands (3rd Edition)


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After more than 27 years of fulfilling a miracle ministry around the world, I am very familiar with the supernatural power of God.

A woman blind from birth instantly healed before an angry crowd ready to stone me causing them to fall to their knees and repentance.

A woman on her deathbed her body riddled with AIDS is instantly healed causing the doctors, nurses, and patients in the hospital to turn their lives over to God.

Through this book, I will mentor you on:
1. How to receive power to move in the supernatural of God in a dimension like never before.
2. You will learn how to take hold of the kingdom keys to operate in the supernatural to work the miracles of God including salvation, deliverance, healing, signs, and wonders.
3. You will learn how to walk in real prosperity and supernatural provision.
4. How to receive personal revival.
5. How to usher in revival for your family, friends, and nation and so much more.

God is calling you to the next level of his glory.

Order it now. 

You Pay $19




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The Results of A Surrendered Will To God Series

 In this 6-part video series brought to you by Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo, you will discover the 14 results of living a lifestyle completely surrendered to the will of God. Uncover the secret to Kingdom blessings and power for your life and ministry. Do you desire to bring your will under the control of God's will? This series provides valuable insight on:

  • What Absolute Surrender to God is

  • How to Surrender completely to God

  • You will discover the 14 results of a Surrendered Will to God, such as discernment of God’s Will for your life, knowledge of His teaching to you, it brings the good of the land to you, the fullness of joy in your life, it brings the Holy Spirit and His power in your life AND MANY MORE!

 One great condition of maintaining a pure heart and clean hands is a Surrendered Will; a life surrendered absolutely, unreservedly and totally to God.   Will you yield? If you haven't, learn how and begin today. If you already have surrendered, go deeper by watching this series.

Register and watch anytime on computer and mobile device online by logging into your member area. You will have access to this teaching for one year.


Bonus 1: Video transcript of every episode (Value $300)

Bonus 2: Private online community (Priceless)