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How To Walk In God's Supernatural Power Daily 

Learn The Secrets, Methods And Keys To Divine Power And Glory 

Presentation Overview:

You can walk in God’s power daily. Jesus promised in Acts 1:8 that we who follow Him would receive Divine Power to be His witnesses after the Holy Spirit comes upon us. As a result, we become miracle-workers, capable of producing the evidence that Jesus is REAL, ALIVE, and HERE in the NOW! Living a lifestyle of power, signs, and wonders is the destiny of every believer in Christ. Andrew will show you how to develop a lifestyle of power and how to walk in that power daily with miraculous results.


You will learn:

  • How to seek the Lord and His power from the depths of your spirit
  • How to be one with the Lord in spirit
  • How to commune with God and receive the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
  • How to unlock miracle power through the blood, worship, praise, thanksgiving, and by prayer and supplication
  • How to work with and surrender to the miracle worker within you to unlock His unlimited flow of power for healing, miracles, signs, and wonders 

You will experience:

  • Activation of the power and gifts within you
  • An impartation of power as Andrew and team minister to you.
  • The glory as you unlock the indwelling presence of God in your heart

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