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Experiencing and Living In The Glory of God

How to cultivate a lifestyle of glory and power 

Presentation overview:

The glory of God is the source of the anointing - the raw power of God. God desires all His children to experience and live our daily lives filled with glory. So that His power is overflowing in and through our lives. Andrew shows the audience what the glory of God is, the many hidden results of the glory, and how believers can experience and live in the glory daily. Andrew will share from his personal and ministry experience of walking in the glory

Presentation outcome:

Participants will:

  • Receive a fresh outpouring of God's power in their lives
  • Experience a deeper level of God's love, peace, and nature
  • Hear God's voice more clearly and frequently
  • Engage in a more meaningful and intimate relationship with the Lord
  • Enjoy a more vibrant and authoritative prayer life that produces results

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