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news prophetic word Jun 28, 2018

Last Thursday night Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo began filming for his next series, a prophetic message to the American Church. At times he stood, at other times he sat at a table as he spoke to us of the message he received some two years ago that compelled him to uproot his family and move to Western Colorado. 

In the book of Revelation, John the beloved Apostle of Jesus, calls out the churches that have been established. Each church in its own way has fallen short of its calling. John spares no punches as he hits each church for how this has happened, calling them back through repentance. The word repent that is used in the new testament is metanoeó in the Greek;  it means to change the way you think. How you think and what you believe determines how you act. Those churches needed a reset, a return to Kingdom thinking, as does the Church in America.

The American Church is being called out by Dr. Nkoyoyo for many of the same failings. We, the ecclesia or called ones known as the Church in America and around the globe have become complacent and compliant with the society, and have turned from God in many ways, some subtle, some not so. Allowing the killing of thousands of humans each day under the sanitized terms abortion and termination of pregnancy just for a starter.

Andrew’s prophetic message is what he calls being “God’s Trumpet to bring His people back to Him”, and has become his mission in life, or his WHY as he likes to say. His passion shows through as he stands and begins to allow the Holy Spirit to take over and speak to the people in the room, in America, and in the world.

When he speaks of America, he isn’t really talking about geographic boundaries, politics or a country per se. He is speaking to the “ethnes” the people who inhabit it. The peoples are made up of over 3,000 different ethnicities. Within these people groups are professing Christians, and some who consider themselves such because the were born and grew up in this so called Christian Nation. It is the believers who make up the “un-unified” Churchin America that Andrew is speaking to tonight, calling us to repentance, to turn back to God.

Why this message and why now? Andrew has received visions and imparting of knowledge that God is on the verge of taking his favor away from America. This sounds ominous and frightening. It should. We’ve seen the power of terrorism as it kills and destroys ways of life. When you have something you want to keep as it is, and someone else steals, kills, disrupts or destroys that mindset, that way of life and the lives of loved ones you are experiencing terrorism. It doesn’t take much to disrupt our lives and mess with our heads, even when we’re not the ones actually experiencing the loss. It’s mental, and it’s limbic both, hitting and unsettling us at our core.

This is what Andrew says is coming as God is about to pull back His favor over this nation and its inhabitants. Yet God doesn’t do this out of spite or malice, but because He loves us, but because of our free will, at some point He has to let us go off in the wrong direction because our actions show that is what we really want. He loves us that much.

Jesus gave and gives us the gift of Himself, he redeems us, and continually works in our lives to bring us back to Himself. However, many times, as shown by our actions, we are in essence turning from him as we’d apparently rather try to save ourselves by ourselves; that my friends is pride and there is no place for it in His Kingdom. So when calamity comes, it isn’t going to be God who is doing something to us, but it will be the consequence of the choices we’ve made that we will have to live with.

In the first movie in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Fellowship of the Ring”, the young Hobit Frodo is the “ring bearer” and has the responsibility of destroying the ring in the fiery furnace of Mordor. While in the Elven forest he is guided by the “Lady of Lothlórien”, Galadriel to a vessel she fills with water, creating a mirror or looking glass into the future. Frodo, upon looking into the water sees a horrific disaster, with death and destruction taking place in his home. The world he knew will never be the same…if… if Frodo doesn’t complete his mission to destroy the ring.

In much the same way, Andrew has been given a glimpse of what disasters maybefall America if God’s favor is withdrawn partially or completely, if we don’t turn back to Him. It’s bad. He was shown 7 cities in the US. The first one was Boston. This was prior to the bombing during the Boston Marathon. When Andrew heard the news of the bombing, he wept. But in his sadness, he also realized that God had left some of His protective covering in place.   The next city may not be as fortunate.

Since that time, Andrew has been a “man on a mission” so to speak, calling the Church, specifically the church in America to repentance and to return to God.  Watch some of his previous broadcasts to hear about obtaining and keeping a pure heart and more about his calling. 

To learn more, and to find out which other 6 cities were shown to Andrew watch his upcoming broadcast.



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