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October 27, 2015. This Fall, Kingdom Impact Network (KIN) will begin broadcasting Christian Live TV & On-Demand video programs 24/7/365 -- on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV/Android TV, iTunes/Apple TV, Cross.TV and all Mobile devices. 

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Andrew Nkoyoyo

Kingdom Impact Network

Montrose, Colorado



Kingdom Impact Ministry is pleased to announce the soon approaching launch of Kingdom Impact Network (KIN), a Christian television network broadcasting live TV and on-demand video and audio programs 24/7 worldwide. We desire to broadcast God's Word and power on every TV screen and device anywhere, anytime.


“Now, more than ever before, people need JESUS. Together, we focus on bringing the world to Christ and to preparing the church, the Bride of Christ, for His soon and coming return to earth.”

Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo 

About Kingdom Impact Network Programs

KIN is an extension of Kingdom Impact Ministry. Our programs will feature "Kingdom Come" with Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo, "It’s Supernatural" with Sid Roth, all of the Transformation videos/documentaries, Christian music videos & concerts, Christian movies, Bible studies, Bible movies/films, cutting edge, Christian ministries and teaching pastors and life-changing TV shows for the whole family and much more. 

KIN maximizes your brand, broadcast reach and message easily & efficiently:

  • Reach new audiences around the world on multiple platforms and channels from one distribution network
  • Can be viewed from TV, computer, tablet and phone
  • Convenient viewing for your audiences 24/7
  • Podcasts of your broadcast are available on iTunes video & audio (at your request)
  • Cost effective broadcasting to fit your budget
  • Premium programs achieved and always available
  • Your broadcast advertisements are shown in 10,000 video ads, banners and Google keyword advertisements per month. 
  • Receive viewership stats of your program
  • Free media archives of your programs and much more 

We broadcast your program in two ways:

First, we broadcast your program on Live TV and secondly, we make it available on-demand 24/7 on all our viewing platforms.

Where to start?

1) Determine length and frequency of your broadcast; either a half hour or full hour.

2) Secondly, determine how many days a week to broadcast your message… specific day or multiple days or everyday Monday to Sunday.

3) Call us to get your broadcast spot for as little as $100 per program.

What Are kingdom Impact Network viewing platforms, you ask? 

They include some of the most readily watched platforms and channels on computers and TV, such as:

Roku = 70 Million Viewers

Amazon Fire TV & Kindle Fire HD – Phone + Tablet + TV =  35 Million Viewers

Google TV & Android TV = 15 Million Viewers

...And on Mobile Viewing Platforms such as:

Android Mobile devices = 900 Million Users

iPhones/iPads = 365 Million Users

iTunes Video Users = 300 Million Users

iTunes Audio Podcast Users = 100 Million Users


Watch for these Apps...Coming Soon for mobile devices:

Apps for Kingdom Impact Network for Android, iPhones +iPads and Windows mobile devices.  

Interested? Let’s talk!  

Call us at 970-765-0923 or contact US by clicking below.