This Bible Study is taken from Chapter Six: Faith-Standing On God’s Word And Staking Your Claim of "Working The Works of God" By Dr. Andrew M. Nkoyoyo

My Visitation

Miracles, signs and wonders did not end with the last apostle. I witness them in every meeting where I minister, whether they are church services or Gospel crusades around the world. I see the supernatural unfold right before my very eyes. But I have also experienced a miracle in my own body. I do not just believe that God is still in the business of the supernatural. I know so.

In 1986, a few months following my conversion, I was diagnosed with two sets of hernias. A hernia is the protrusion of all or part of an organ through a tear in the wall of the surrounding structure. The doctors told me to wait for four years before they could do anything about the pain and misery I was enduring.

I had the hernias, and still I ministered the supernatural power of God. I can remember being frustrated with both God and myself. I was living the irony of being used of God to heal and bless other people, only to go home in excruciating pain.

Then in 1990, on a ministry trip in western Uganda, the pain became more than I could bear. Immediately, I remembered the words from my mentor: “You don’t have a money problem, you have a faith problem.” The Holy Spirit quickened this truth in my spirit so powerfully that I said to myself, “Enough is enough of this suffering, pain and misery. I do not have a sickness problem—I have a faith problem!” Immediately, I chose to end the faith problem and trust God no matter what the devil was throwing at me.

On that beautiful Saturday morning, I was on the road to one of the most dramatic, anointed experiences, which would change my life forever. I went to God in a secluded place. I invited the Holy Spirit to come and help me receive my healing. I jotted down all the Scriptures about miracles and healing. Subsequently, I informed the devil that I know that he comes only to steal, kill and destroy; but Jesus came to give me life, and life more abundantly (John 10:10).

Sometimes you have to let the devil know that you know that Jesus is alive and well and that God has no problem. Let the devil know that you know that he is a thief, destroyer, liar and accuser of the brethren. Let him know that you will not settle for anything less than the pure and absolute best from your Father, God. Let the devil know that Jesus delegated His power and authority unto you and that you are ready to exercise them to take back what he has stolen from you.

In that remote town of Fort Portal, I was yet to retreat. After many hours of praise, worship, warfare and thanksgiving, there seemed to be no relief in pain and symptoms, at least in the natural. But I was determined not to leave that room until I was completely healed. I reminded God of His promises to heal. I sang and read His Word back to Him.

Around eight o’clock that night, as I lay prostrate on the floor, there suddenly appeared a lustrous light that filled the entire room. My whole body shook uncontrollably with blazing sensations all over me. I slowly lifted my eyes, and there He stood – Jesus was standing before me, gleaming with glory. He had the most gentle and graceful glow all around Him. I experienced a splendid, sweet sensation while indescribable beauty, peace, passion and love emanated from His body to mine. From His eyes shone brilliant and sharp beams of light so that I could not look at Him much longer.

As I was lying on the ground overpowered by His presence, He reached out with His right hand and helped me get on my knees. Afterwards He put His right hand on the left side of my stomach. I felt a prickly and heavy object leave my body and was instantaneously healed by the hand of the Lord.

It was a moment of total ecstasy and peace in His presence. It was an effervescent, life-changing experience that meant death to the old man and birth to the new one. Those few minutes marked the new beginning of my life and ministry. I was transfigured from the core of my very being, never to be the same again. Glory to God!

That was the second visitation of Jesus that I have had in person. It was not a vision, dream or trance. He was the resurrected Jesus, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, standing in front of me.

He again laid His right hand on my head and said, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel. Behold, I have anointed you.”

At the end of the ministry trip I went back to the doctor who had diagnosed me with hernias. He had earlier presumed a four-year waiting period before I could undergo surgery, but here I was completely made whole by the touch of Jesus! To validate this miracle healing he conducted various examinations and documented that I did not have any kind of hernia nor any sign of it. To this day, I am still healed by the power of God.

Even though the medical personnel had their reports in the beginning, God had His own report, which had always been far different from what they had to say. It all comes down to whose report you believe. Your faith will not produce your desired miracle until you release it by acting on God’s Word. You will never change your present situation until you determine where you would rather be. You cannot change your current circumstance until you get fed up with where you are and what is happening in your life – physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally and socially.

Faith is the power that moves the hand of God to intervene in our circumstances. Jesus said:

Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. (Matthew 17:20)

Many people wait to have faith equal to the size of their need. I do not know how such people will ever determine when they have the right size of faith to “remove this mountain.”

Jesus used this passage of Scripture to present the analogy of faith that will produce results, likening it to the mustard seed. It happens to be the smallest seed, yet when planted in the ground, it produces a strong tree. Once you plant God’s Word in the ground of your heart, and release your faith in Him by acting on it, big miracles will happen in your life. No matter how overwhelming the circumstance you are facing, remember that you have a very big, mighty and awesome God on your side.

Claim God’s promise. God is only obligated to perform what He promised He would do. If He never said He would do it, it will not come to pass, no matter how much you plead. The good news is that anything that you might encounter in life is already taken care of. There is not a circumstance, sickness or disease (even those incurable to man) that He cannot fix.

Faith is standing on God’s Word and staking claim of what is yours, and everything that God promised belongs to you—rightfully! Healing is yours. Deliverance from demonic oppression is yours. Provision is yours. All of these things, and even more, belong to you because God promised them in His Word.

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 Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo

Dr. Andrew Nkoyoyo